I've struggled from time to time in finding what type of creator I wanted to be, and I've finally gained the confidence to be able to start this small business. I chose the name BaruBaru because my grandmother lives in Johor Baru, Malaysia, where I SPENT A LOT OF MY childhood. IT IS A TREASURE TROVE OF tropical plants, cold glasses of Milo (chocolate milk), bountiful amounts of good food, and WONDERFUL MEMORIES & adventures SPENT WITH my loving family. The word "Baru" means "New", so the Studio's name is "New New" Studio, which i found quite fitting. Because when i need a pick me up, I always tell myself, "New day, New me" or "New month, New me" or the infamous "New year, New me". With this Studio, where my dreams will come true, the saying will be, "New Dreams, New me". For now, I'm passionate about pottery, mainly ceramic kitchenware, and i have an affinity for making mugs. to give a mug a personality can be done in an abundant amount of ways through shapes, handles, colors, and glazes. I also have a passion for other arts, such as soap-making, candle-making, painting, illustrations and prints, book-binding, sewing and quilting, knitting, and more. I haven't merely just dipped my toes into the water but plunged head deep into the crafting world and like to consider myself a full-time hobbyist at this point. right now, my studio will be selling ceramics, but I have plans in the future for expanding my handiwork to include my other passions. so, come follow me on my journey and WATCH ME COLOR THE WORLD WITH MY HAPPY, LITTLE CREATIONS.
Hi! My name is Anna Nadesan and I am the creator of BaruBaru Studio. I've always had a passion for arts and crafts, and I plan to color my way through life. Although, Life isn't always hues of pastels and bright colors. sometimes, there's a vast sea of neutrals and grEys we all have to wade through.
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I dream of painting and Then I paint my dream
so beautiful
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BaruBaru Studio
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